CREATE – E=Engagement, Part 3


Customers leave companies in vast numbers every year. And, oftentimes, the organization don’t know the reason. Dr. Ken Blanchard advises companies to be wary of customers saying that everything is “fine.” Fine is a placid word describing placid service. Oftentimes a customer will tell you everything was “fine” just before they are getting ready to go elsewhere!! Create Raving Fans:

  1. People who come to you in the appropriate numbers because of effective marketing, which includes referrals
  2. They purchase your product or service. They say “yes” to your recommendations.
  3. They pay willingly because they perceive a fair exchange of value
  4. They schedule meetings, appointments, phone calls, etc. and keep those agreements
  5. They stay actively involved with you in whatever way is appropriate for your business: they always stay in your hotels, they return to purchase another car, they use all of your banking services, and etc.
  6. They refer others to you. Confidently because of the service you provided to them. Because of your ENGAGED employees.

Engaged employees create and support Engaged customers.

The Forbes Corporation determined that 84% of customers that leave a company do so because of poor service.


While marketing for new customers is imperative for a business, retaining existing customers is equally important. Losing clients every year causes heartache, headache, and enormous financial loss. Consider focusing as much time and attention on retention as you do on generating new business. Carlson Marketing determined through market research that “U.S. companies lose 50% of their customers every 5 years. Yet, just 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by nearly 100%.”

Ask yourselves: “What difference could it make to the bottom-line; to stress control, and to enjoyment of work if clients stayed with us, referred to us, complained less, and expressed enthusiasm for our work/service?”

That is the question. The answer lies in engagement.

Consider the following fundamentals to amplify engagement:

  1. Provide product and service that exceeds expectations. Provide “raving fan” service—during every encounter.
  2. Be creative. Continue to develop new and better products and services that meet the ever-changing needs of new and existing clients. Be essential. Be ever-dynamic. Continuously study your industry and survey your clients to find out what they need, how they need your service delivered, and how you could take even better care of them. Survey for Feedback.
  3. Listen to clients. Pay attention to what they say through phone, face-to-face conversations, or surveys. Once you gain insights from the feedback, respond to it!! Change if necessary.
  4. Track appropriate data that measures your benchmarks. And the effectiveness of your people and systems. Don’t guess about critical factors: Be accurate.
  5. Try not to become defensive if a customer gives difficult feedback. The truth may hurt—but positive change can come about when you face reality.


Engaged team members epitomize the following:

  1. They are committed to the purpose and mission of the company and are on the same vision path as the owner/employer.
  2. They have been included in the development of and support the strategic plan for the growth of the company—the goals.
  3. They are respected and respectful. They trust the executive team. They know they will be honored as valuable assets to the company.
  4. They are confident and competent in their skills and are encouraged to maximize talents and gifts.
  5. They want and receive feedback on their performance and rewards for work well done—including recognition and appreciation.
  6. They express their opinions without fear of reprimand if their opinion differs from others.
  7. They are included and involved.
  8. They are encouraged to “engage.” They know that their engagement translates to engaged customers and an executive team that is grateful for that commitment.