How a Team Member Feels – Creating a Healthy Work Environment

When you are committed to providing only the best possible service or care; when you are committed to being on a path of continuous improvement; and when you are committed to being well managed, you can provide extraordinary service to clients/customers/patients. Your clients/patients will know this and appreciate it. You and your team will feel proud. This is motivational as well as fulfilling.

People are proud to be a part of an organization that stands firmly on integrity, quality, and extraordinary care. When this level of confidence exudes from the members of the organization, clients/patients perceive this. In addition, when the leaders are doing things that are extraordinary, team members are proud to refer, to validate recommendations, and to support their leader. Without this kind of confidence, third party support from your team members will not be evident.

In the photo you see connected to this blog, you see an ad by the dentist who created my beautiful new smile, Dr. Ken Hamlett of Dallas, Texas. He is an extraordinary dentist and we, at Jameson Management, Inc., have had the privilege of consulting with him and his team for many years. When it was time for me to have my dentistry redone, he was the choice because of his high level of expertise and because of the quality of his entire team.

One of our senior consultants, Dru Halverson, has been responsible for his consultation, but I have worked with Dr. Hamlett personally in many venues and know of his excellent dentistry. The pride that is expressed by his entire team is fantastic. They KNOW that when a patient chooses to have their dentistry done by Dr. Hamlett that the result is going to be exceptional—without compromise—beautiful. And they give third party support and talk about him and their practice in the practice and everywhere they go. The team members are ambassadors for the practice and they are proud to do so. The pride of being a part of something extraordinary is motivating.

When you hire great people who are committed to excellence, they must be able to stand firmly on the FACT that this is what is happening every day with every client/patient. When this happens, (which is rare, by the way) team members are proud, motivated, and committed. Here is one of the key elements of maximizing the productivity of individuals in a team, supporting longevity, and increasing revenues for your organization.

Team members feeling proud, upper crust, special!